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Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael

Jan 31, 2020

Though it's been decades since Gabby Reece first started out as a pro-beach volleyball star and Nike's first female spokesperson, the 6' 3” powerhouse hasn't slowed down. As a wife, mother, author, business entrepreneur, and fitness professional, Gabby is taking her influence to new heights with a podcast called "The Gabby Reece Show," all about life's biggest questions and obstacles. Gabby meets up with Alli and Michael to talk about life as a teenage model, what it was like during the era when her Nike shoe outsold the Air Jordan, as well as raising kids and building businesses with her pro-surfer husband Laird Hamilton. Keep up with her at @gabbyreece. And don't forget to follow @alliwebb for #BTS of Raising The Bar and subscribe and rate us!


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