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Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael

Jul 26, 2019

Sophia Rossi has been a babysitter, an assistant, a TV producer, a founder, a CEO, and councilwoman? But that's for the future. As a former producer on MTV's The Hills and The City, Sophia went on to co-found HelloGiggles (alongside BFFs Zooey Deschanel and Molly McAleer) and sell the media company to Time Inc. in 2016. Today, the 36-year-old entrepreneur keeps good company among L.A.'s glitterati and is focusing on her spice company called Hi Note. She met up with Alli and Michael to dish on her Hills days as a young producer, choosing an internship over college, and what the next steps are after selling a company for millions of dollars. Keep up with Sophia at @rivfifi and don't forget to follow @alliwebb for #BTS of Raising The Bar and subscribe and rate us!
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