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Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael

Oct 25, 2019

Engagement ring company the Clear Cut has sold millions of dollars in diamonds over Instagram's direct messages since launching in 2018. By creating tailor-made jewelry and demystifying the buying process for a new generation, they've disrupted an industry and paved the way to become the next Tiffany & Co. Co-founders Olivia Olivia Landau and Kyle Simon, who met as students at the Gemology Institute of America (aka GIA) and married this year, have grown their business 100% quarter-over-quarter since quitting their day jobs to take on the Clear Cut fulltime. Olivia, a fourth-generation jeweler, and Kyle, a fair-trade diamond mining alum, joined Alli and Michael to talk about how their booming business, the power of organic growth and engagement on Instagram, and redefining a luxury market. Keep up with them @theclearcut and, and don't forget to follow @alliwebb for #BTS of Raising The Bar and subscribe and rate us!

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