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Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael

Nov 8, 2019

The Giving Keys are repurposed key necklaces stamped with inspirational words like FEARLESS, HOPE, STRENGTH, and COURAGE. When the wearer of the key encounters someone else who needs the message—they are encouraged to give it away and share their “pay-it-forward” story. Seen on celebrities like Taylor Swift and Nina Dobrev, the Giving Keys is not your average accessories brand in Los Angeles. That's because founder Caitlin Crosby started the company to employ those transitioning out of homelessness to make and assemble their products. Caitlin met up with Alli and Michael to talk about ending homelessness through employment, why "STRENGTH" is their all-time best-selling word, and when she knew it was time to turn her side gig into a full-blown social movement. To get involved, reach out to and keep up at and @thegivingkeys. Don't forget to follow @alliwebb for #BTS of Raising The Bar and subscribe and rate us!

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