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Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael

Dec 6, 2019

Moms all over the world have the Caden sisters to thank for normalizing post-pregnancy shapewear. It all started in 2008 when Lori Caden's sisters were sick of hearing complaints about the new mom's post-baby belly. So Lori, Jodi, and Kari developed the first doctor-recommended, postpartum compression wrap, the Belly Bandit. Thanks to its list of die-hard celeb fans like the Kardashian sisters, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba and more, Belly Bandit products now include C-Section Recovery Undies, Belly Wraps, and Mother Tucker Leggings and are sold in over 1,000 retailers and 86 countries. The Caden sisters joined Michael and Alli to talk about Belly Bandit's 10 years in the maternity industry, helping women feel their best before, during and after pregnancy, and the power of women-focused, solutions-based business. Learn more at @bellybandit and Don't forget to follow @alliwebb for #BTS of Raising The Bar and subscribe and rate us!


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